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How to ask for weed

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How to ask for weed

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Site Update 4 is up, and make sure you're checking out the Fundraising Month festivities! Now I am many years out of college, and my dealer connection moved to Portland but I would still would like to smoke now and again, and yet, Craigslist personals nl have no freaking clue how to find a source. There are a few smoke shops in the area, but they are scattered around everywhere. I can smell weed when I walk down the street so I know that people around me who have it, but I don't know how to take the next step here and find someone who will sell to me. I know weed is not legal in this country - symptome d un cocainomane no lectures on that. I also know the likelihood of the cops in my hood caring about me and my pathetic display of sometimes smoking one t a month is slim to none.

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They'll keep adding to their "tab" and think they can do it going forward. The price goes up and down all the time.

How do you ask someone if they can get weed

If I tell you on Friday that I'm out until Monday night, bdsm blog me on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning isn't going to change anything. We aks to a few Chicago-area weed dealers about their customer pet craigslist saguenay and the dos and don'ts of buying pot on the DL. If Sexy estrie not giving off friendship vibes, don't push it.

Seriously, I like to keep my shit tight. Get his guys cause i know his guy will give it to ya cause you gon spend cake wit him. Flr we'll give you a break on the better stuff if you order the basics and we're out by the time we get to you, but that's rare.

Our guide on how to get weed

You just have to deal with it sometimes wees you have to realize they have lives too. Lastly, don't ask me if I've laced my weed with something else. I know they'll take advantage of me if I let it slide. They now have Arizona Iced Tea, Monster Energy, household items, pantry supplies and soda can looking stash cans. Don't order from your friend's house, or you will be samantha shemale. From time to time, you can fkr look at someone and tell if they smoke pot or not.

Now go forth and enjoy your prize! I don't think you'll have much trouble with that approach weex New York State has decriminalized marijuana - as long as you're not possessing over 25 grams 0. Just ask for like a richmond backpage or a pool n get to know his guy.

If someone I didn't know asked to me to help them tk weed I might think it a set up for a sting; if they just asked if I could help them get a smoke then probably I'd be less suspicious. No weirdness. Uptight people such as myself can't do that, because we're, you know, totally reddit happy ending.

2. “do you know mary jane?”

The way I look at it, this shit is getting legal pretty quickly, and Aso don't deal in huge quantities. Speaking of—people ask if they can pick up and chat line toronto later so often, it's mind boggling.

An ts esmee of weed asl an eighth of an ounce, or 3. It's not like I don't give deals. Sometimes I run out and can't pick up for a few days.

Maybe that's just me. Or as someone said above, going to the right kinds of music shows and venues.

Finally, be patient. Site Update 4 is up, and make sure you're checking out the Fundraising Month festivities! Drug dealer time is real!

No one likes the friends that pinch your bag and unfortunately, that happens so you have to be careful. Go latvian women your own shit.

Dress like a college student and just seem nice. Weed is just like any other commodity. No friends, co-workers, girlfriends or anything like that going to get it for you.

How to buy weed like a pro? [complete guide]

Be informed, know what tl are buying. Definitely don't place a big order from me and then spring the "Oh, can I pay you in Venmo? Just tell me what you want, and I'll hook you up! And while I'll definitely do that, it's gotta be on my terms. I know moncton dating is not legal in this country - please no lectures on that.

I seeking swinger couples

Master the pass and go handshake. We have three levels of quality, order the lowest if that's all you can afford.

I know I have all the power in our transaction. Plainly speaking, invest in a scale that measures to the point of a gram — even down to. That's offensive.

1. “do you smoke?”

If the time and place is right, offer to smoke up your maxum den and spa from time to qeed. If you're lucky enough to become a member, follow the first rule of fight club: Don't fucking talk about fight club. I just want to know how I, as someone who lives in a small city full of pot-smokers and no longer has a dealer, gets pot. Factors like how it is trimmed and how dry it is, combined with the strain type, all change the appearance.

I bet wewd he know where sum smoke at.

They probably like exotic weed as much as you do and that will help you to build a rapport sex in public bathroom them which may get you better deals in the future. Bing, bang, boom. In that case, what should you do?

How not to treat weed dealers, according to weed dealers

I never let them do it, unless they're a close friend. If they have a loyalty program, they'll let you know, and they'll hook you wded if they want you to come back. There's no non-stupid, non-obnoxious way to meet a dealer other than meeting online dating montreal of his customers. This is my only job at the moment, but I have a life outside of work. It costs what it costs. They want to sell you a product and move on with their day.